Kitchen Renovation

Update or Full Renovation

Renovating a kitchen is like a complicated recipe; lots of tricky steps but totally worth it!

Begin Your Prep

Instead of getting overwhelmed with all the elements that go into kitchen interior design, like which taps or splash-backs you should choose, we suggest starting with a rough plan by asking yourself what functionality will work best for you and your family. 

Before meeting your interior designer think: How do you use your kitchen? What’s not working? Do you like to cook in front of a crowd or away from prying eyes? Try to identify the day-to-day tasks that could be improved with practical design changes, and your designer will help clarify who you are stylistically and functionally.

Let’s Get Lit

Kitchens generally have a blend of three main forms of lighting – ambient, task and accent. Overhead and recessed lighting offer an even spread of ambient lighting that helps you see every corner of your space. Task lights are more direct, designed to specifically focus on areas where you work in the kitchen. Accent lights are your pendants and chandeliers that make a statement, whilst adding another layer of illumination over a kitchen island or work bench.

Fill Your Cabinets

A conundrum for every kitchen build or redesign: open shelving or closed cabinets? The best way to decide is by being honest about how you like to organise. Closed cabinetry allows you to store any mishmash crockery or food packaging away, allowing the finish colour and material of your cabinets to inform your design. Alternatively, if you have beautiful dinnerware or vases that are essential to your kitchen’s look, open shelving is the way to go, so they can be on display 24/7. Keeping your storage open also grants easy access to those most used items.

Counter Balance

Countertops are high traffic areas for food prep and kitchen entertaining, so consider how the materials chosen will endure the wear and tear of time. For example, a messy cook and natural porous concrete may not be the best match. There is an abundance of innovative and durable options, alongside the more timeless European marble and stones that offer a luxurious timelessness. Draw on your residential interior designer’s knowledge of benchtop finishes to find the right choice for you.

Apply Yourself

Now for the fun stuff: shopping for the major appliances. These are the appliances that truly make a kitchen, your refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, cook top and range hood. Our designers agree that these are your most splurge-worthy items because you’ll use them most days.

There’s a lot to be said for fitting your kitchen with the right appliances; Not every kitchen will need every appliance, and the most expensive doesn’t necessarily mean the best for you. Your designer will help you to narrow down the options by navigating quality, standards compliance, warranty support, functions and energy efficiency.

It’s Not So Hard

When it to comes to kitchen design, the impact that small details can have shouldn’t be underestimated. Deciding on hardware can be a tedious task, but thankfully you have us to help you get a handle on things.

Unlike the former “rule” that your appliances’ finish had to match your hardware, we like to think a bit more progressively. Pairing gold hardware with white appliances, or matte black with stainless steel are ways you can add a touch of difference, making the space feel even more personalised. Bring us your biggest ideas and let us craft a kitchen that feels like you.


“We hired The Stylesmiths to rework our living, dining and kitchen. Our designer unpacked our ideas and created a kitchen that not only looks beautiful, but has clever storage and features that we didn’t even know we needed. The custom joinery in the living rooms blends seamlessly with the kitchen cabinets and we can’t believe this is our home.”

– Erin and Peter G