Flirting With The Past

Beyond the heritage red brick façade of this Federation home, is an interior extension that flirts with moments of the past and brings them into the present to create a timeless, uncomplicated design. Home to a family of five, The Stylesmiths™ were given a project brief that asked for liveability and delivered a considered renovation that’s adaptable and charming.

Heritage characteristics informed every design decision, paying homage to the home our clients first fell in love with. Striving to demonstrate an enormous sense of respect for the original architecture, The Stylesmiths™ were mindful of giving original materials new life where possible. Up-cycled copper stone tiles cover the front doorstep, leading into an entrance hall with beautiful archways, decorated in architectural moulding that resembles the home’s era. The re-strained hardwood floors are light underfoot, complimented by simplistic artworks that are infused with energy and emotion.

There are no competing elements in this home interior design. Instead, generous furnishings, elegant glass blown lighting and character-filled textures share the spotlight equally, resulting in a soothing, immersive space that is easy to enjoy. Our clients’ have been given a new space to unwind after a busy day, appreciating the neutral colour palette that doesn’t ask too much of the eye.

The only expectation is the blue room, where the past truly becomes present via lavish layers of navy against ruby and burnt sienna. Located at the front of the house, this reading room is an eclectic mix of vintage and contemporary that bursts with colour, equally balanced to connect with the rest of the house whilst still maintaining its own distinct character.

Interior decoration features symbolic of what existed prior, are flawless and unassuming against contemporary additions. Stain-glass windows, authentic crystal chandeliers, shaker style joinery, aged brass tapware, steel bi-folding doors, and the list goes on. Paired alongside natural fibres that promise longevity in dining table, chairs, stools and kitchen island to form a seamless transition that is key for any home extension and a distinct skill of all Stylesmiths residential interior designers.

The living zones are bathed in luxurious natural sunshine via skylights above, adding another layer to this clam, tonal space. Pure linen curtains offer a sense of security to relax on the sofa, feet resting on the mustard leather ottoman enjoying the warmth from double-sided woodfire.