Retail Design

Update or Full Renovation

Successful retail interiors are defined by the way they create inviting customer experiences that lead to increased sales.

Getting To Know Your Brand

Retail is more than just colours, merchandising and branding. Our London retail interior designers take the time necessary to understand every element of your business, products and services to ensure your core personality and values are captured within in the design.

Gaining Customer Interest

The retail journey starts with peaking potential customer interest and prompts them to look beyond the door. Good store planning will heighten customer engagement once inside your space, directing the flow of traffic with paths that lead to key in-store destinations, organically creating up-sale impulse buys.

Our design team combine their retail knowledge across brand communication, merchandising and delivering a point of difference. 

Maximising Opportunities

Your investment in professional interior design ensures your space will be optimised to achieve its full potential, with a floor plan that maximises every opportunity to increase sales and promote your point of difference amongst competitors.

Combining expert knowledge across product merchandising, retail psychology and brand communication, our skilled retail designers produce dynamic interiors that react to trend, stock and target market changes; Functional at the base and beautiful on the surface.

What We Propose

Be in control from start to finish with The Stylesmiths Design Proposal – our unique way of outlining a clear set of deliverables and enabling you to check them off as you project progresses, guaranteeing complete transparency throughout the process. In line with our mission to create accessible design, we also give all our clients access to our exclusive Trade Discounts. This allows us to pass on savings of up to 45% off RRP for a 10% procurement fee, effectively neutralising our design fees.  

Let us express your businesses vision through innovative design.