The New York Times

A workplace environment can be instrumental in the quality and quantity of work one produces. When The New York Times opened their new bureau to assist with further coverage of their news, The Stylesmiths™ were contacted to create a tranquil office setting with a “start-up edge.” 

Housed within the walls of an unassuming 1940’s apartment block – a perfect location for journalists to write up a storm – this project took inspiration from the medium, and made it the message. That is to say, a monochromatic colour palette derived from classic newspapers is what guided this office interior design, purist in its approach. A largely creative space that fosters focus and stimulation, the interior decoration pieces are brand-centric. The walls are adorned with photographs taken from The New York Times Pulitzer Prize winning series in 2016 on the refugee crisis, evoking emotion and serving as motivation for employees; a reminder that their work gives others a voice. 

Open plan and centred around the kitchen, fitted with custom joinery that allows keepsakes to be safely on display and calming whitewashed timber floors, this office space is ideal for the tight-knit team that share stories with each other and the world everyday.