Bathroom Renovation

Update or Full Renovation

You deserve a bathroom that’s as beautiful and put-together as you. If you’re considering a bathroom renovation, let our design experts help with a quick update or full remodel.

Renovate Or Update

Have no doubt, a new bathroom can be luxurious but the process to get there can be stressful. Although bathrooms are traditionally some of the smallest spaces in the home, renovating one involves many of the major design elements and tradespeople. Even a powder room requires tiling, waterproofing, cabinetry, electrical and plumbing. Often incurring high renovation costs, especially when reconfiguring the floorplan, it’s easy to see why so many people put it off. Our job is to design, issue documentation and manage the trades to make the experience as easy as possible, maybe even fun!

Improve Your Life

Before undertaking a bathroom renovation, we ask our clients to thoroughly consider their realistic budget. Embarking on such a complex room without a budget locked in could spell disaster. As part of this, consider what’s missing or lacking in your current space and what it might take to improve those areas, aesthetically or functionally.

Figuring It Out

Start with some thoughts of what you want, and we’ll build on those initial ideas. In some cases, a total renovation may not be necessary to achieve the bathroom interior you’re envisioning. It could be a simple update of some key finishes, like paint colour, a new vanity, basins, taps and lighting. 

When we discuss “renovations” they generally include decisions like knocking down walls, rearranging plumbing, new flooring and electrical which requires a higher level of planning and documentation to submit to builders and trades. However, a simple update of finishes and fixtures might have the impact you’re looking for. We estimate that bathroom updates and renovations generally take 4 to 12 weeks to complete, but it all depends on design and selections. 

Intuitive Design

A successful bathroom design will effectively utilise every square meter with a layout that looks and functions beautifully, responding to your daily routine and storage needs. There are endless varieties of vanities and sinks available. From highly customisable to off-the-shelf, there are options that cater for those that decide on a slim footprint that’s open and airy, or tons of storage, or desire the best of both! Just be sure to consider practical counter space, storage for all amenities (hairdryer and electric toothbrush included) and integrated power.


“I booked The Stylesmiths to help me renovate my two bathrooms. From the initial concepts through to construction the entire process was seamless and collaborative. My designer pushed my ideas and my bathrooms are beyond what I expected.”

– Janice A