A successful workplace interior makes for happy and productive staff.

Getting To Know Your Culture

Our first point of business is always to understand yours. We want your team to be inspired by their environment, so whether you’ve found a new tenancy or you’re committed to an existing one that’s in dire need of an update, our office interior designers across the UK can fit-out any commercial space to suit your business and workplace requirements. 

The Law Of Attraction

We spend most of our days in a workplace environment, hence the importance of a stimulating and ergonomic office interior design. Just a touch of creativity in the workplace can attract likeminded people, engaging staff, customers and business.

How Does Your Space Work?

Before you meet your Stylesmiths designer take some time to summarise your office/studio and its role in your business, considering how the space could be improved to work for you and your team. This will give your designer an insight into your aspirations and help tailor interior decoration ideas around your individual needs & preferences. If you have a Pinterest link upload it in the booking form.

Setting A True Budget

Whilst it can sometimes be confronting, being honest about your true budget will help set the parameters for what can be achieved and The Stylesmiths will always work hard to achieve the best possible outcomes within your price range. Unlike traditional design studios, we work on an hourly rate, not as a percentage of your budget.

Maximising Opportunities

Your investment in professional interior design ensures your space will be optimised to achieve its full potential, with a floor plan that maximises every opportunity to increase sales and promote your point of difference amongst competitors.

What We Propose

Be in control from start to finish with The Stylesmiths Design Proposal – our unique way of outlining a clear set of deliverables and enabling you to check them off as you project progresses, guaranteeing complete transparency throughout the process. In line with our mission to create accessible design, we also give all our clients access to our exclusive Trade Discounts. This allows us to pass on savings of up to 45% off RRP for a 10% procurement fee, effectively neutralising our design fees.  

Let us express your businesses vision through innovative design.