Paul’s Place

Creative people flourish in environments that inspire them, sparking conversations and ideas. What better brief could there have been for Paul’s Place; a welcoming abode for co-existing work and play, where one often becomes the other in the facilitation of art.

Up cycled and relocated, the 1950s dwelling has been entirely renovated to its present utilitarian form, with interior design elements that indicate an accomplished script writer and producer calls this home. Now concealed among the flora and fauna of a seaside town, known for its rugged coastline and calming bay, the home interior design process for this project was heavily inspired by its location. A sense of identity is preserved in each space, breaking barriers of conformity to style and encouraging the discovery of new colour and texture combinations.

Although a long way from its original dark and dreary beginnings, The Stylesmiths™ consciously retained and incorporated elements of the past, playing tribute to its roots with a modern twist, hence the maintenance of its weatherboard façade. The decision to reconfigure the space into a social hub for friends and dinner parties, was an effort made to harness Paul’s childhood nostalgia of a busy, tightknit community that always felt at home gathering at his place. To achieve uninterrupted flow between areas of congregation, the kitchen was shifted across and the third bedroom repurposed to forge one conversational living area that that continues onto the backyard sundeck which straddles the grassy, treed knoll.

Furniture is purposefully positioned inwards to encourage comfortable conversation that’s accompanied by a dancing wood fire flame, and enriched with piles and piles of books, dismissing the need for a television. Artificial entertainment is no match for the imagination this space has been infused with. Calm and relaxed, the steady movement and intricate composition of nature is the preferred view via floor to ceiling window screens.

Golden warmth, the heart of the home is embraced by rich amber walls that emulate the magic of native vegetation. Fascinating and detailed art selections continue to do the eclectic space justice, creating a delineated inspiration corner that’s never boring.