Contemporary Design Trend: Outside Inside

Contemporary Design finds its roots – quite literally

from the powerful Mother Nature & interiors are taking a leaf from her book by brining:

Outside Inside.


This trend has hit the shores of Australia with a powerful message of the calming effect nature can bring to your home. From succulents to oversized ferns – it’s a simple way to make your space, retail or hospitality, welcoming with a feature from nature!

Pairing your choice of plant with a black and white palette, timbers, leaning frames set in an industrial setting looks sublime, indulge below in our ultimate Outside Inside looks – that you can Pin straight to your boards on Pinterest!


If you’re unsure where to begin – start with succulents! They’re a great outside inside plant for bringing different greens, shapes and sizes into your home. Because the succulents are easy to grow, they won’t need much looking after – which is perfect for your busy schedule.


Planting your succulents in a line of sunshine, and in pots that are similar to its size will help prevent from overwatering – we suggest only once every two weeks!

When you’ve added the touch of succulent plants to your home, consider adding a feature such a Ferns, Spathiphyllum, and the popular plant that’s finding its way into homes, office spaces & a lot of hospitality places in Australia: the Fiddle Leaf Fig.


Matching these products then with decor ideas including: black and white portraits, a splash of peach furnishings and the turmeric potting trends returning are visually stunning!

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