Candy Crush

When the opportunity arose for Berlin-based architect Ester Bruzkus to move from the second to the top floor of her apartment building in young vibrant neighbourhood Prenzlauerberg, she jumped at the chance to re-imagine her living space with fresh ideas, not to mention the chance to enjoy panoramic views of Berlin. The result is an idiosyncratic apartment that encapsulates all the qualities of Ester’s architecture and interior design practice Ester Bruzkus Architekten: efficient planning, playful material and colour juxtapositions, bespoke furniture, and exquisitely crafted details.
Ester has radically changed the layout by introducing a series of geometric spaces that divide the apartment in separate yet connected areas.
The green and pink shades in the dining area are picked up in the lounge, the former by the colour of a wall section and the latter by the luxurious custom-designed sofa in three reddish pinks. The candy-coloured palette is playfully juxtaposed by the cool concrete floor and ceiling, while the soft texture of the Berber rug is contrasted by the glistening marble of the modernist coffee tables.