Breathtaking Art Installation : EMPIRE

Artist Rone has transformed deserted Art Deco mansion Burnham Beeches into this breathtaking installation EMPIRE. Set amongst the decaying glory of a once-magnificent manor the installation begs the question – how can something so magnificent be left to decline into ruin. The project is a celebration of interior design, architecture and a bygone of a bygone era.
Questions hang heavy in its dense silence, each room strewn with the dusty remains of a collapsed empire and hints of romance past. Featuring extensive Deco-era interior styling from interior stylist Carly Spooner across 12 of the estate’s otherwise empty spaces, the experience has been meticulously curated to evoke a distinct series of moods as audiences move from room to room.
Known for his large-scale portraits, which grace buildings all over the world, artist Rone uses his work to explore the connections between new and old, beauty and ruin, youth and decay. Rone says, “I want people to walk in and feel like they can explore the possibilities of what might or might not have happened here. I love exploring the concept of how — and why — something so magnificent can be left to decline into ruin. Empire is about offering audiences the chance to create their own story; to temporarily transport their minds to another place, another time.” EMPIRE closes 22 April, 2019.

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