Flamboyant, restrained and spectacular!

This once dilapidated Dublin townhouse, was once neglected and in need of some love. Re designed by Jake Moulsin the new revived interior design can be best described as seductive, flamboyant, restrained and spectacular! The project, called D2 Townhouse, involved renovating a five-storey Georgian house that had fallen into disrepair, as well as a coach house in the garden that has become overgrown.
Gleaming brass furniture curves around the exterior of the parlour, which has been painted a deep blue to contrast with the metal. Leather seating niches are set into some of the brass units, and cupboards are hidden in the others.
The kitchen has a sci-fi style row of surfaces made from thermoformed Corian that has been pressed into an undulating shape. A white-painted cupboard made in a neo-Georgian style hides the fridge and other appliances behind a patterned panel.
A colourful patterned ceiling in the library was painted by artist Morag Myerscough, and charred timber was used for the wainscotting of the corridors. “Channelling D2 Townhouse’s Georgian inheritance, with its formality, flamboyance, pomp and procession and that is simply brave and beautiful.

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28 Mar 2019

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