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s t e e l e . HOUSE

An enchanting Federation family home, fit for hosting now into the future.

Flirting With The Past

An enchanting Federation family home interior design, fit for hosting now into the future.

Art Pop Kitchen

Grounded in natural materials, this sleek and moody kitchen is fit for any enthusiastic cook.

Art Pop

A hidden gem of colour and texture sits alongside winding beach trails, comfortably fusing modern luxuries with organic surfaces.

Minimalist apartment

Our downsizing clients longed for someplace beautiful, minimalist, and low maintenance.

Paul’s kitchen

The kitchen design marries function with art, the perfect place to create dinner party memories, or meals for one...

Paul’s Place

This home welcomes creativity by blurring the lines of work and play, perfect for the accomplished script writer and producer residing there.

Honey Boy

Honey Boy is infused with the colourful atmosphere that is characteristic of street markets across Asia, inspired by our client’s childhood memories

SJ&Co Salon

SJ & Co. is a boutique hair and beauty salon that is relaxed and effortlessly stylish, fit with an interior design that oozes confidence.

Modernist residence

Behind the modernist facade reveals an exquisite and breathtaking tri-level residence.
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