GEM Energy Office

An office space can be dark and edgy and still successful. This office interior design proves that black powder coated aluminium paired with contemporary neon signage, can make for a stimulating workplace environment.

Designed for a team of thirty working in the solar industry, our client’s project called for a design that was as forward thinking as their product. Sourcing inspiration from the likes of Google, known for combining fun, relaxation and flexibility with work, The Stylesmiths™ delivered an interior design that is personalised to the way Gem Energy operates.

Although our client runs a very successful business with many big commercial clients of their own, the brief asked for a “start-up feel,” looking to harness the youth and enthusiasm of a fresh company. Break out zones were essential to achieve this balance, and our lead Stylesmith interior stylist designed purpose-built spaces for daily prayer, friendly conversation and after work ‘knock-off’ drinks, as well as alternative workstations that offer opportunity for collaboration or privacy.

Finding a balanced commercial design that is attractive and easy to maintain was achieved via hardy materials, such as timber and exposed brickwork to create a dynamic and masculine environment. Blacked out spaces worked well against the multitudes of natural light, resulting in a comfortably enclosed space that’s softened by effective LED lighting and partitions of indoor greenery.

Utilising the industrial bones of the expansive warehouse, meant adjusting its acoustic properties to reduce scattered sound. Carpet tiles and acoustic treatment panels suspended from the ceiling, known as sound baffles, were installed throughout to help absorb noise. Downstairs in the sales section, there are also several soundproof booths in compressed felt that offer privacy from the open plan area, complete with wool curtains that divide the spaces.

Understanding the functional needs of the business, this interior project is fit with iPad automated lighting, security and data systems, as well as functional screen placements for remote client interfacing. With staff moral front of mind, a custom-built kitchenette cross bar was included in the scope, offering an unconventional space for networking and training sessions to take place.