Harmonious Downsize

When our clients Dina and Geoff decided to downsize, they were excited to start fresh and curate a home based on quality pieces that are naturally based, warm and organic, that would make their new home feel calm, sophisticated and inviting. They enlisted The Stylesmiths™ to harmoniously bring their ideas together.

Our designer’s ultimate goal was to “create a space that helps our clients live well,” by delivering an interior design that could take into consideration their lifestyle and their two, large friendly Dalmatians that require room to live alongside their humans. After purchasing their apartment off the plan and realising how tricky spatial planning could be, our clients felt The Stylesmiths™ would offer them invaluable experience when it came to furniture placement and composition. 

Detailed concept sketches and furniture floor plans offered Dina and Geoff the reassurance they needed, making it easy to visualise airy, open and uncluttered living zones that had enough manoeuvrable space for their Dalmatians. 

Pairing soft furnishings with the existing built environment has created homely, functional spaces throughout. Walnut counter stools add depth to a neutral kitchen of blonde, wooden cabinetry and light grey stone. This oiled timber is replicated in the entryway console, dining area and custom entertainment unit to forge a consistent design language that connects all areas of the home’s interior.

Grey upholstery, accessories and hand knotted rug distinguishes the lounge area reinforcing a sense of neutrality that allows the subtle tonal colour to be visually heard. The understated texture of the rich tan, nubuck leather sofa is accented by emerald-green cushions, and marble plinth coffee table. Perfectly balanced these finishes and textures are consistent and soothing, bathed in beautiful natural-light that drifts through the linen sheers.  

Rounded details soften the otherwise minimalist space, seats with curved backrests, an oval dining table, and cylindrical pendant lights are gentle nod to the curved walkway.