Tropical House Design

Giddy up, check out The Box house,  located in São Paulo, Brazil which was designed by a young architect, for himself. From the street, the house emerges behind the wall like a box with no openings. This was intentional of Flavio Castro when designing the home to add another layer of security. As you pass through the front gate of Corten steel, you come to a hall and the box, the box appears light and airy appearing to float. Designed for Brazilian climate, the Box House would be just at home in Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast.
On the ground floor, the sliding glass doors capture and frame the garden allowing for social connection to the interiors and the gardens. The the interior design is led by contemporary clean lines, layered by a multitude of textures and a skillfully led colour pallet that rich, sumptuous and natural and tonal.
The rooftop, the garden completes the house and establishes a distinct relationship with the surroundings. As a side note … could you even imagine getting a house like this trough council in Australia, no balustrades on the windows or stairs!

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