Edward & Co Reimagined

exterior design

What was once reminiscent of a tea factory in the 1920s has since been removed, to reinvigorate a new breath of life into this now private residence. Perched up on level six, this 300-square-metre space has become much more, it’s now a true place of comfort. You might recognise the building from the images, the iconic warehouse Edwards & Co. now a perfectly curated and converted space by the brilliant Josephine Hurley Architecture.

Down the narrow streets of this regenerating suburb we find a client home designed with emphasis on comfort and practicality, whilst letting the building’s natural embellishments highlight the areas. This was a main design focus for the client who mentions letting the raw elements become apart of the scenery to the spaces it inhabits.

The spaces can transform with character in each designation inside but truly always speaks a calming, everyday living, lifestyle story. Upstairs too a former office space has been replaced to accomodate guests in an exquisite retreat on the roof.

Celebrating the heritage of this building, the now gutted, reimagined, and conceptual space is phenomenal in a restrained and understated way.

Images © Tom Ferguson.
Author: Pierce EldridgeThe Stylecast 2017.

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