2019 paint colour trends

It’s that time of year where we get to share with you the latest colour trends for 2019 that you can easily apply to your home interior like a professional interior designer . Today Dulux shared their colour pallets of today and the near future. The 2019 colour palettes have been devised through a prism of wellness, rejuvenation and environmental consciousness. The four palettes set the colour spectrums for the coming year. With the capacity to transform spaces with a range of effects, each palette celebrates the individual, acknowledges our past and embraces the natural world.

The result of extensive global research undertaken by Dulux Colour and Communications Manager Andrea Lucena-Orr and trend forecaster Bree Leech, the new-season collection reflects key influences driving current trends across a range of diverse design industries. This has been fine-tuned through dialogue with the global colour authority, Colour Marketing Group.
“We discuss what is on people’s minds, what factors affect where design and colour is going and what’s happening from a technical and pigment perspective,” says Lucena-Orr of the process. The team’s observations at Milan’s annual Salone del Mobilehave also been carefully considered. Thus, a diversity of influences, fed by technology and the information age, a focus on self-care and an increasing social consciousness have informed the resulting palettes.


We are now taking a considered approach to the objects we use, to repair our relationship with nature and the world around us to ensure a positive impact is created. The Repair palette takes its cues from our need to examine our consumption and waste, favouring vintage, sustainable, repurposed and recyclable products. Comprising neutrals alongside dirty greens, yellow and earthy hues of cinnamon and sienna, Repair’s colours exude warmth and a vintage-feel.


Craving simplicity, silence and a disconnection from screentime. In our search for wellness and ‘wholeself’ we look to clear the mental clutter by making our homes our temple with a calming, distraction-free zone. With an overwhelming need to pare pack, digitally-detox and mono-task, rather than multi-task in our busy lives, when at home, the Wholeself palette celebrates minimalism through undulating forms. It also details sumptuous texture and block colour of cosy pinks, offset against warm neutrals, golds and mauve-greys.


With a focus on craftsmanship and an improvement in traditional skills, classic forms are envisaged and combined in modern and contemporary surroundings. The result is a nod to the elegant past and present, combining eclectic patterns and block colour. The Legacy palette features saturated colour in warm hues of pale pinks, lilacs and mauves, with accents of red, blue and green to punctuate the scheme.


Imperfections are celebrated as unique, and customisation to craft bespoke products is allowing us to express ourselves, rather than settle for someone else’s version. The Identity palette is all about bold experimentation combining block colour, clashing patterns, texture and mixing gloss levels, resulting in an ‘anything goes’ look that is playful, optimistic and youthful. Pale colours are a base for unusual combinations of saturated blue, purple and oranges.

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