Kitchen Renovation

Monochromatic Living

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Art Pop Kitchen

Grounded in natural materials, this sleek and moody kitchen is fit for any enthusiastic cook.

Paul’s kitchen

The kitchen design marries function with art, the perfect place to create dinner party memories, or meals for one...

Evolve office / showroom

Quickly growing from it’s humble roots in 2010, Evolve is an electric skateboard company that now distributes to 30 countries world-wide. The husband and wife duo moved into a factory with nothing but a vision and ambition, hiring The Stylesmiths™ to design and create the space that would house the HQ of their international brand. […]
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Casual Refinement

With a neutral palette and open floor plan, this project designed for a family of four is an exemplar of simplistic living.

Coastal Home

Rugged and calming like the nearby coastline, this beach house blends rustic materials with a symphony of internationally sourced materials. The Stylesmiths™ were inspired by this home’s natural surroundings and worked to create a home interior that promotes a truly relaxing coastal lifestyle. A selection of Italian and Japanese tiles, play alongside Scandinavian design principles […]
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Minimalistic Beauty

Grounded in art, fashion and music, this home interior project is rich in character and charm. Crafting something that is both parts monolithic and welcoming of family time, The Stylesmiths worked to contrast robust materials of the built, renovated environment with feminine accents and furniture selections that are plush and generous. Creating spaces with meticulous […]

Any Style or Genre

A London interior design firm renowned for creating timeless interiors, The Stylesmiths™ work across the spectrum of style genres and various cultural influences. We have an eye for detail, structure and dimensions, making the difference between something mediocre and a completely bespoke result, helping our clients fall in love with their space all over again. […]