Paul’s kitchen

Organic colours in soft, matte finishes and fully integrated hi-tech appliances, Paul’s kitchen is the perfect setting for dinner party memories, or masterful meals for one.

Diverting from the once box-like layout that was dark and dreary, The Stylesmiths™ created a kitchen interior design that is now open to all areas of living and bathed in warm natural light. Establishing itself as the center of congregation and tasty entertainment, an innovative hydraulic awning window has been included over the breakfast bar, designed to connect host to visitors from every angle. Bar stools on either side invites friendly chatter to float in on the fresh air that ventilates the inside spaces, filling it with an atmosphere that lifts the soul.  

 Taking cues from the inspired screenwriter/producer that is our client, Paul, The Stylesmiths™ were afforded a generous amount of creative license when it came to styling this project. Boldness was met with excitement, and eccentric style was a must to ensure the home interiors are distinctly Paul’s. Fond nostalgia of a social past was an important foundation on which to build, ensuring crowds are always welcomed to sit at the spacious island bench to observe meal prep, or help themselves to the conveniently located fridge that sits at the edge of the space. A home away from home.

Coastal flora was an obvious point of reference for this kitchen remodel, influencing the paired back colour and material palette that’s at one with its surroundings. Olive-green cabinetry with matte finish pairs organically with the timber floors, while robust black details add a sense of drama and cohesion, just as the surrounding native terrain gels into one theatrical performance that takes Paul’s Place with it.

A physical manifestation of Paul’s love to observe and entertain, this kitchen design marries function with art. The slim pendant that illuminates the island work bench and sinuous bar stools are subtle nods to modern sophistication in an otherwise earthy zone; a calm, ergonomic space in which to cook and create via an endless connection with nature.