Parisian Vibes

A unique brief, Nelson House called for a marriage between conflicting design and decor styles to create elegant, multi-functional rooms that conform to a busy family with three children. Designed by The Stylesmiths™, this project saw the redesign of living, dining and master bedroom, beautifying each space to suit its own aesthetic.

Striking a balance with functionality and decoration was a key focus for this project, paying particular attention to clever space planning that allowed for more entertaining room and catering to storage needs. Keeping scale and proportion in mind, lighting, furniture, wall finishes and custom soft furnishings were thoughtfully selected to collaboratively brining warm intimacy into a space that was previously sparse given the soaring ceiling heights overhead. 

Beyond the living zone is another multipurpose area found in the master bedroom. Primarily a parents’ retreat, bursting with a rich and moody palette you can’t help but indulge in, this space is transformed by the floating custom joinery found at the opposing end to the bed. Flexible storage space, a stylist built feature and private, sophisticated working space rolled into one. Parisian vibes rejoice with herringbone rug underfoot, emulating classic chevron floors.

Flattering lighting and a variety of layered colours offer a rewarding textural hideaway. This residential design engages with the senses in a way that is notably ‘unfinished,’ a strategic decision to allow the clients flexibility, the open displays soliciting themselves to be restyled whenever the family grows and reassuring that nothing will ever feel too heavy against the dark wall behind. 

Images Tess Kelly Photography