Maxwell Residence

Tucked away in a leafy cul-de-sac, Maxwell Residence rethinks suburban living by introducing high-tech eco design that promotes connectivity with the natural world, also known as Biophilic design. The health and well-being of the young family of five and miniature schnauzer Otto, was the central motivation for this collaborative project between architectural practice and The Stylesmiths™ interior design.

Jumping in where the architects left off, we crafted a modern interior that weaves in and out of internal courtyards and respects the robust materials of the built environment. Split over two levels, the home consists of 4 bedrooms, 2 internal courtyards, fireplace and large living areas the look out to the serene poolside zone. Each space offers intimate views of the natural surroundings and engages the senses via raw materials such as polished concrete floors, American oak panelling, slate and large windows. Direct sunlight and ventilation improve the liveability of any home as exemplified at Maxwell House, offering a profound appreciation of environmental seasons that enhances one’s circadian rhythm for improved health.

Building on the clients’ brief to create a space that inspires, relaxes and calms busy minds, The Stylesmiths™ played with a textural palette that blurs the reality of the outside suburban setting. Materials were selected according to their tactility – boucle fabrics, hand woven rugs, felt folded cushions, chunky weaves and wallpaper. Particularly keen to support home-grown design, many of the pieces were locally sourced and manufactured, adding to the emotion in every room. House décor colours are grounded, using only what would be available in native vegetation and complimented by indoor planters that offset the dark stone, terrazzo, brickwork, marble and glazing that structure each zone.