Honey Boy

Honey Boy is infused with the colourful atmosphere that is characteristic of street markets across Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and China. The inspiration was our client’s childhood memories of Asia, reflected throughout this project in style, floorplan and lighting design.

Just as in Asia, Honey Boy produces exquisite meals full of intoxicating spices, and The Stylesmiths™ aspired to produce a venue that would do this cuisine justice, forging an immersive dining experience that transports customers. Market stalls are mirrored in the dining area, with each table positioned to allow for a long passageway to lead from entry to the glossy, emerald tiled bar area that glistens at the back of the restaurant. Indoor foliage then brings the eyes back again, their clusters of luscious green at varying heights emulating the outdoors, effortlessly finding its place to flourish amidst the hard, industrial surfaces.

Polished concrete floors, high ceilings, exposed pipes and metal beams collaboratively form a market hall feel purpose built for enjoying locally sourced produce, and the company of others. It’s easy to imagine this purposefully simple layout full of people and laughter; organised chaos that the hospitality floor staff would still be able to navigate even at peak service, thanks to ergonomic spatial hospitality interior design.

Decorative pendant lights occupy the space above, their spherical glow like the moon that illuminates night markets, and the more functional track lighting that pop out of the darkness, the stars. Jade green features, timber tabletops and neon pink signage that glows in the window, add to the simulation.

An experienced restaurateur, The Stylesmiths™ lead interior designer listened to our client’s suggestion to position the kitchen out of sight and ear shot, successfully separating the spaces to ensure nothing jeopardises the moodiness on the restaurant floor.