Make mine custom

Looks can be deceiving. This built-in wall unit appears simple, but in fact required a lot of specialised worked behind the scenes to seamlessly integrate fireplace, joinery and lighting. Making the complex look unassuming is characteristic of quality interior design and custom craftsmanship, something The Stylesmiths™ are proud to deliver.

Working with a plain white living space that was calling out for attention, The Stylesmiths™ custom designed joinery for the entertainment unit that pulls together elements of the home and supports the client’s tech gadgets in cabinets that sit beneath large porcelain slabs. A combination of many materials, trades and styling, our client was glad to have had help with this project and was ecstatic to see the contemporary home she had hoped for, come to life. Complementing the communal area, we also completed an overhaul of the master bedroom, producing a sumptuous space rich in colour and texture. Both spaces pop with drama that makes them ideally customised to our client and her home.