Salon Eyre

Manifesting the passion-filled lifestyle of a small family, this interior decoration project is full of personalised travel memorabilia. Our clients adore the 1920 clinker brick façade of Salone Eyre, and The Stylesmiths™ wanted to help do the interiors justice by putting a modern spin on the original Art Deco design.

A home that tells one story through an eclectic blend of keepsakes, art and contemporary furniture, The Stylesmiths™ worked with a multitude of colours, shapes, materials, textures and eras to hero individualism in each space. Comfort and functionality define the living zones. Keeping in mind two teenage boys and pet labradoodle, specifying family friendly items, upholstered in low-maintenance textiles, was a key factor to the success of this home interior design.

The formal sitting-room is laced with vintage finds acquired during the family’s travels. Curved Gobi mirror from London takes pride of place over the fireplace mantle, reflecting the framed wall poster found in New York. Curved around coffee table of glass and terrazzo, the original banquette window seat has been meticulously brought back to life with a new tan leather cushion top. The custom-made Hare + Klein rug underfoot brings together the entire palette. Six months in the making but entirely worth the wait, our clients now smile every time they walk past the front room.

A more casual space, the upstairs lounge is anchored by a handcrafted rug in black and white, breaking up the deep chestnut timber floors. Filling the space is a textured 6-seater lounge, upholstered in bobble weave that begs to be sat on. It’s easy to imagine someone sitting in the leather armchair with an acoustic guitar, dog at their feet, family on the sofa enjoying an informal performance – even the indoor plants would enjoy the musical vibrations.

A first-time experience working with an interior design firm, the family have sworn never to take on interior design by themselves again. Explaining that a design vision will only stay that way, unless you have the qualified experience to bring it to fruition – and we couldn’t agree more.