playful sophistication

Taking its name from the combination of the owners’ first names, MIKA demonstrates how the creative use of a handful of materials can produce a house of playful sophistication that revels in its interior design quirkiness.

Redressing the property’s limitations in space, an awkward footprint of just 5.5 metres width and a maximum depth of 18 metres, the architects i.s.m.architecten devised an open-plan interior that unfolds across the entire depth of the house, uniting – in one sweeping gesture – the renovated house at the front, and the new one-storey extension in the back, as well as visually connecting the street front with the back yard.

Lighter and darker grey tones complement this modest colour palette whose subdued sensibility is turned up a notch by the marble used for the countertop and backsplash in the kitchen. Featuring a whirlwind of red and brown highlights, the marble surfaces animate the space with an expression, as well as pick up the earthy hues of the brickwork on the terrace outside.

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