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Spitalfields, a lively neighbourhood located in London’s East End, is a hub for artists and creatives and is famous for its vibrant street art, quirky shops, and stylish bars. The Victorian Spitalfields Market is a popular spot for purchasing crafts and clothing, while local eateries cater to the lunchtime crowds of city workers. The architectural landscape of Spitalfields is a delightful mix of old and new, blending Georgian and Victorian buildings with contemporary structures, each building telling a unique story about the history and evolution of this bustling neighbourhood.

The Stylesmiths offer exceptional interior design and decoration services that are specifically tailored for the residents and businesses of Spitalfields. Our team of expert designers are committed to maximising the potential of your space, whether it’s for your home, business, or commercial workplace. We develop comprehensive plans that make the best use of every opportunity to enhance your space, ensuring that it reflects your unique personality and style.

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Getting started

Booking our services is effortless, simply fill out our online booking form which allows you to share, project photos, plans and essential project information. Once completed, one of our skilled designers will meet with you onsite or in your home to learn more about how you would like to transform your project. We collaborate with you to comprehend your ideas and transform them into reality by crafting a space that mirrors your individual style and personality. At The Stylesmiths, firmly believe that everyone should have access to quality design, which is why we endeavour to provide flexible solutions that meet our clients’ requirements.

Design Your Home

Located in the East End of London, Spitalfields is a vibrant area known for its bustling markets, independent shops, art galleries, and restaurants. Its rich history and blend of old and new architecture make it an exciting place to call home. At The Stylesmiths, our designers are ready and committed to providing exceptional interior design services to the residents of Spitalfields. Our team of residential interior designers has a wealth of experience in creating personalised interiors for residential projects that reflect your unique needs and preferences.

Our designers take a comprehensive approach to designing residential interiors, taking into account every aspect of the space, from concept to construction, joinery, colour palettes, material selections, artwork curation, and more. With expertise in various areas such as complete refurbishments, bathroom designs and kitchen renovations, our team will help you transform your home into a stylish and functional living space that meets your needs by selecting high-quality materials and finishes to ensure that your home retains its appeal for years to come. Whether you’re looking to refresh your existing space or a full renovation, our team at The Stylesmiths is here to help, let us help you create a stunning home that reflects your personality and style.

Commercial Office Interior Design

Spitalfields is home to a thriving business community, with numerous local companies and startups choosing to operate in the area. Designing office interiors for commercial workplaces in Spitalfields is vital, as a well-designed office space can enhance brand image, attract new customers, and create a healthy work environment that encourages creativity, collaboration, and innovation. If you’re seeking to elevate your office interiors, our experienced commercial interior designers can provide assistance, regardless of whether your company is large or small. Our designers will consider various factors when working on your commercial workplace interior design project. We’ll begin by conducting a detailed analysis of your business’s objectives, goals, and branding to create a design that suits your specific requirements. This includes creating a practical and functional design plan that involves selecting furniture, lighting, space planning, colour schemes, and other design elements. Additionally, we’ll assist you in selecting high-quality materials and finishes that are both long-lasting and within your budget and timeline. We can help you achieve the ultimate commercial office interior design for your business.

Creative Retail Interior Design

Spitalfields is a location rich in history and culture with an eclectic mix of retail ventures. At The Stylesmiths, we enjoy working alongside our clients to create bespoke solutions for their retail interior design project in Spitalfields that aligns with their brand and vision. From fashionable boutiques, vintage shops to contemporary shoppers, a well-designed retail interior is critical. A space that reflects your brand’s personality, enhances the customer experience, and draws in foot traffic can be the determining factor between a thriving store and an unsuccessful one. Our team of skilled Spitalfield retail interior designers can help potential clients create functional, on-brand, and timeless interiors. We take several factors into account, including the store layout, target audience, brand identity, lighting, and visual merchandising when designing retail interiors. Whether you’re looking to revamp an existing store or create a new concept, The Stylesmiths can assist you in taking your retail interior project in Spitalfields to the next level!

Your Dream Hospitality Interior Design

At The Stylesmiths, we specialise in providing exceptional hospitality interior design services in Spitalfields. Our team of expert hospitality interior designers possess vast experience in creating customised interiors that cater to the specific needs and preferences of this bustling neighbourhood. Given that the area attracts many foodies and enthusiasts seeking a vibrant and stimulating atmosphere, we collaborate with you in creating a warm and functional space that reflects your brand and vision. We understand that great interior design translates to exceptional customer experiences, and as such, our team is dedicated to paying keen attention to detail to ensure your hospitality interiors meets all your design and functional requirements.

Shop and Save with The Stylesmiths

We understand that budgeting for interior design projects in London can be challenging. To make things easier for our clients, we have developed the Shop and Save Program, which grants exclusive access to Trade Accounts. Our program offers access to Trade Accounts, which give clients a chance to save up to 45% off the recommended retail prices (subject to suppliers) for a procurement fee of just 10%. We collaborate with numerous vendors, providing reduced prices on everything from furnishings to artwork. Whether you’re looking for unique pieces for your retail renovation or for your Spitalfield residential interior design, our program can help you create the perfect space for your home or business while neutralising some of your design fees.


“I booked The Stylesmiths for a full home renovation. In turn I was placed in contact with a true expert in the field interior architecture. Her design vision for my project and my home is perfect for me. I’m very impressed with the service that The Stylesmiths has provided me.”

– Andrew L.


“It was clear to me from the very beginning that I was in great hands with The Stylesmiths managing my renovation project. The brief was to transform my apartment into a Scandi inspired ‘Bachelor Pad’, and my designer not only took on board my ideas, but came back to me with a unique design that exceeded all my expectations. I would not hesitate in recommending The Stylesmiths to any individuals or businesses in need of exceptional interior designers”.

-Harrison G. 

Our Talent .

Our portfolio of interior designers, stylists and decorators boasts some of the most skillful talent the UK has to offer. Hailing from the top UK interior design schools and studios, you can rest assured knowing your designer belongs to a cohort of industry leading professionals, and we choose the perfect one to suit your home, retail, hospitality, office or multi-residential project.

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