Transcontinental Residence

The Stylesmiths™ deft touch combined quality with comfort in a way that welcomes the grandchildren and any social setting with its touches of glamour and ambience. 

Harmonious Downsize

The Stylesmiths™ harmoniously merge quality pieces that are naturally based, warm and organic, to make a new home feel calm, sophisticated and inviting.
interior design

Tranquil Living

Renovated to improve connection and flow, this two-story unit benefits from the theatrics of light & shade found in contrasting interior design features.

Past Romance

The Stylesmiths™ maximised every inch of the home’s interior by crafting spaces that not only hero the original build, but allow for modern contemporary living.
kitchen interior design

Flirting With The Past

An enchanting Federation family home interior design, fit for hosting now into the future.

Art Pop

A hidden gem of colour and texture sits alongside winding beach trails, comfortably fusing modern luxuries with organic surfaces.

Minimalist apartment

Our downsizing clients longed for someplace beautiful, minimalist, and low maintenance.

Paul’s Place

This home welcomes creativity by blurring the lines of work and play, perfect for the accomplished script writer and producer residing there.

Modernist residence

Behind the modernist facade reveals an exquisite and breathtaking tri-level residence.

Two distinct halves residence

Victorian era at the front, ultra-modern out the back; the interiors of this home have been designed in two distinct halves full of Asian influences.
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