It’s an Essential

It’s an essential.

The mood board is an integral part of How we Work at The Stylesmiths!

So what is it? A mood board is a visual representation of inspiring photos, art, plantation, colours, fashion, textures, fabrics, supplier products such as tiles, carpets, paint swatches and sometimes even food! Reflecting the tone of a room that our designers are creating, it’s the perfect way for us and the designer to begin connecting with your vision collaboratively. Below are some examples of mood boards, created by our designers.

There is an abundance of delicate selections involved in the creation of each room, inclusive of colour and products. Our designers are trained to have the best visual eyes in the industry, and know how to make a statement in each room, be it living, bathroom, or even a beautiful kids room!

Why do we use mood boards? Our designers want to thoroughly understand what you are inspired by! In a way, the designer has to see the room with your eyes, to understand your personal and emotional influences. With an excellence in interiors, our professionals will be able to guide you through proposed concepts with your specially designed mood board: suggesting, analysing and creating a beautiful document that once your project is done, will become a significant artefact in your incredible Stylesmiths journey! We’re here to help connect you to your dream designer and get you started on this incredible experience!

The Stylesmiths think that concept boards, mood boards and connecting ideas visually is an invaluable and essential process to all our design projects.

We inspire creation, innovate design, and disrupt the interior design industry to make it accessible for you!

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