Wildgrain Eatery

Allow yourself to be transported back to Paris between the years 1920 and 1931, an era known as Les Années Folles, aka The Crazy Years. Defined by a thriving community of artists that delighted in a cultural melting pot of rich social and creative ingenuity that followed the war. A time that celebrated the weird and the wonderful. Serving as the inspiration for this hospitality project, The Stylesmiths™ captured the essence and energy of this period in a timeless interior design.

Wildgrain Eatery is a venue that never felt new, designed with an enduring Art Deco aesthetic that’s comfortable and lived in. The eclectic combination of objects on display throughout the eatery enhance this journey for customers, each telling a story about the past that’s intriguing and raw. Placing the design in a local context, the concept is overlaid with a palette that hours the bush and sandy beaches nearby. Lime wash represents the coastline, playing against the driftwood joinery and embracing the indoor greenery that looks wild and untamed, fitting the design brief perfectly.

One challenge of creating an all-day eatery, is being able to provide adequate spaces to appeal from breakfast through to dinner. Atmospheric, comfortable, operational, adaptability. This design uses colour contrast to create distinct zones for each time of day. While the front and rear take advantage of the morning sun with casual seating arrangements that are relaxed for a brunching crowd, the middle of the venue is fitted with internal banquet seating making for an intimate evening experience.

Rattan seating, soft grey upholstery, white wall panelling and boutique lighting come together to form a multi-layered interior design, with strategically placed mirrors that bounce light around the space. An immersive space that features fresh, colourful cuisine.