Family House

Recently renovated, this family house with modern extension at the rear, called for The Stylesmiths™ to inject colour and personality that would bridge the gap between old and new.

Designing for a busy family with small children is rendered useless if not providing maximum utility, thus requiring the touch of an experienced interior stylist to create a space that feels lively, fun and practical. Our clients had already identified their design direction and the areas that would benefit from some interior designlove, giving The Stylesmiths™ a full brief that encompassed floor coverings, art selection, furniture, wall finishes and house decor.

Playful combinations of reds, greens, blues, and gold dance between the formal built environment to create a friendly atmosphere within the realms of casual structure, like kids colouring between the lines. Celebrated family memories find their place on the walls and within joinery, turning personal mementos into refined design statements. Abstract art pieces are introduced in the hallway, continuing the energy of colour and offsetting it with a refined seating nook that’s comfortable enough for parent and child to sit together and share a storybook of wonderment that matches their colourful home.

Hued curtains gently skirt the existing to renovated spaces, a connection that makes all rooms feel like part of the same home, defined by utility that functions for the family and reflects their authentic taste.

Images by Tess Kelly